Personal Bio

"You Can't Conquer What You Don't Confront"

Jonathon E. Zeigler II

Saved at the age of 12, Evangelist Jonathon E. Zeigler II is a called, anointed and appointed Minister and Evangelist of the Gospel. The grandson of the late Bishop George Deloach and Mother Louise Deloach, Evangelist Zeigler has been a student of experience as well as formal training.. Evangelist Zeigler received his Bachelor Degree in Pastoral Ministries from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

He has since ministered in Korea, Canada, Jamaica, England, Haiti and the Philippines as well as throughout the United States witnessing and experiencing many miracles and signs.
Involved deeply with his home church, Evangelist Zeigler has worked on the State Evangelism, National Evangelism, Youth Evangelism, Overseas Mission and Georgian State Prison Ministries. Evangelist Zeigler, under the advance of the Holy Spirit, has become a sought after speaker who brings clarity, insight, and humor to the Word of God. Evangelist Zeigler firmly believes in the words of the Apostle Paul. 'Nay, in all things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.'

Romans 8:37.

Jonathon Zeigler Ministries
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